Wednesday, September 26, 2012


After a long drive from South Carolina, through Georgia, into Alabama:

SBMP screened at the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Arts in Auburn Alabama:
 A pretty dramatic building to screen in. It only got better as the sun went down:

 The audience was small but enthusiastic with questions spilling over into the CafĂ© gathering afterwards supported by some excellent brownies. I learned a little about the museum – it was built to house a collection of American art that was bought for about a thousand dollars (!) in a government auction in the 40’s. The work includes Georgia O’Keefe, Ralston Crawford and Ben Shahn and I was told by one of the “regulars”, who is actually a docent at the museum, that the government wanted to get rid of the work after the artists were accused of being communist sympathizers. I’m sure I’m totally simplifying a complex story but I was intrigued. 

Thanks to Debbie Frojo who fielded endless emails and helped me figure out my stay and Scott Bishop for the welcome.  Last night and this morning was all about travel – airport hotel, 4:30 wake up call and then airport at dawn complete with rocking chairs:

Now zigzagging back into Eastern time and North Carolina….