Friday, September 28, 2012


So I fell a little behind on blogging as there’s been a lot of travel.  I had a day off but had to zip back to NY for a day of work and now I’m in Mississippi on the Gulf Coast. What I noticed was the sky – it seems to fill most of the frame here and the cloud formations are dramatic. But here's the view from my hotel: beach meets freeway in a kind of bizarre collision.

But I want to rewind and give hearty thanks to the East Carolina University Cinema Guild and their fearless leader Allison Pulley pictured below who hosted a packed screening on Weds night.:

 Half film students, half community… I was very impressed by the smart questions and up beat attitude. Here's the group of future filmmakers forming the rest of the "guild".

Michael Crane was also painstakingly organized in planning my visit and set me up at the 5th St. Inn – a classic which felt miles and miles away from my usual life.

Here in Biloxi, Dixon McDowell of Univ. of Southern Mississippi drove me along the coast which has been mostly rebuilt. I found out that the state recently enacted a 25% (of budget) rebate film incentive. Rebate (not credit) means it's actually a CHECK ... amazing! He took me to dinner at Darwells - a local place where the chef convinced me to try his "yum yum" sauce and crayfish étouffée.  Thumbs up....

We had a good screening - the last on the circuit so tomorrow heading back to normal life. Thanks everyone!