Sunday, September 23, 2012

Scallops and grits, graveside

Friday found me on the circuit with a day off, so my mother-in-law Daisy and I stopped off at her house in Marietta and then headed down to the Grant Park neighborhood in Atlanta, where we caught up with family -- my cousin-in-law Chris and his boys, plus their Grandmama Mozelle.

We had an excellent dinner at Six Feet Under, next to the cemetery -- scallops and grits were heavenly AND hellishly hot. I'll miss the seasoning down here.

On Saturday I saw old friends and then headed to Hapeville for the screening. The City of Hapeville puts on quite an event -- and uses the screenings to draw attention to their cool little town. A historic church is the event site; a beautiful little building that had to be moved away from the railroad tracks, its last location, as it couldn't quite take the shaking. It now sits on a quaint park -- Hapeville has free food and music for these events and it's a great setting.

Hapeville was my last screening before I hand the baton to co-director Lisa Robinson. It was a great one -- one woman asked if our lead and her on-screen partner were actually together. They're not, but I'm grateful their on-screen chemistry convinces.

Thanks to everyone -- and Teresa from South Arts -- great to meet you! (Pictured below)

Signing off. I'm on my way back to daily life. So long, road.