Saturday, September 22, 2012

Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too

Another day, another Southern Circuit screening. But this one in Gallatin, Tennesee had a twist. I was off at a conference in Pittsburgh, so Age of Champions photographer and co-producer Jayson Carpenter took over for the Q&A. Here's Jayson (ladies, he's single):

Upon his arrival, he was presented with an Age of Champions cake. Seriously. Check it out in the photo:

If that's not cool, I don't know what is. (It's definitely cool.) You can check out Jayson's work at

As for me, I've spent a lot of time in airports the last two days: Atlanta (twice), Minneapolis, DC, Pittsburgh (twice), Montgomery, and Nashville (twice). I'm ready to hit the road. Luckily, I've got a week of events where the only mode of transportation will be pure Mississippi and Louisiana highway.