Wednesday, September 19, 2012

SBMP tour has begun!

It's Annie Howell here, half of the writing/directing team behind SMALL, BEAUTIFULLY MOVING PARTS, and I'm off and running on circuits Southern. My journey began yesterday morning at 5 am -- a drive from my home in Athens Ohio to Columbus for the short flight to Atlanta. I knew I wasn't in Ohio anymore when Sean John welcomed me at ATL Hartsfield airport.

Ohioans just stick to the basics -- you know, football sweatshirts. Also there to meet me? My mother-in-law, Daisy Gillespie. When she found out I was going to be on the road BY MYSELF, well, she just cleared her calendar and let me know she was coming along! So far, so good. :)
What cracks me up is that our film is about a pregnant woman alone on the road ... which I thought I would be replicating (er, without the pregnancy) -- but not if Daisy has anything to do with it!
We drove to Augusta Georgia, through sheets of rain, and landed here at The Partridge Inn, which is certainly not your typical hotel: historic, balconied, grand, sitting perched on a hill above town. The setting and staff feel truly Southern -- I overheard my waiter this morning tell his colleague she was lookin' good today -- "like new money."
Last night had a great screening at the Morris Museum of Art -- thank you Michelle and Kevin! We met with some amazing people from Augusta State Film Department after and were treated to tequila guacamole and sweet potato fries, along with local beer, at The Bee's Knees. But the best meal so far has been at Beamie's on the river ------ you can't get this where I live, unless my husband makes it.

Daisy and Annie hit the road here soon to Clemson, South Carolina. More as this unfolds.