Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Age of Champions in Madison, GA

Hi y'all!

Christopher Rufo here, director of Age of Champions. We had a great showing last night in Madison, Georgia, a beautiful town of 3,700 just outside Atlanta. Madison is famous for its gorgeous pre-Civil War houses -- I was told that General Sherman spared the town on his eponymous march. Pretty cool.

As you can see in the photo, the venue was an amazing old schoolhouse that is now an arts and culture center. It's such a wonderful feeling to show the film and give a presentation in a building like this one. You've got to bring your A game. 

Photo: Cool venue for the film... Madison, GA

Luckily, we had a great crowd -- including local arts commissioners -- and a great discussion. One attendee brought her young boys to the showing and they both enjoyed the film, which is always fun. It's something I try to remind people: Age of Champions is really for the whole family. Everybody has parents or grandparents and can relate to the characters in the film. 

This morning, I made the drive to Montgomery, Alabama. A funny thing happened picking up my rental car. I explained to the young man at the counter that I was touring the Southeast presenting a film and he asked: "So, are you the 1%?" 

Not quite, but I'm feeling pretty lucky to be making documentaries and sharing them with people around the country.