Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lunch Line - Chattanooga post-mortem

The screening was great.  The Chattanooga Film Society put together a nice event at an interesting art space called Loose Cannon.  There was a good turn out comprised of people of all ages (well, probably 7 to 90ish) and we had a lively post-screening Q&A.

I ate a sweet orange and met a woman named Frances who used to be neighbors with an old friend of mine.  Years ago my friend dug a hole for her in the middle of the night so she could bury her cat.  The unfortunate feline had been killed by a car earlier in the evening.  Her boyfriend at the time had a bad back and it was raining so she didn't trust him to dig the hole.  My friend was young and available so she enlisted his digging skills.  As the story goes, my friend, Frances, and her weak-backed boyfriend stood for some moments in awkward silence around the filled-in hole.  Frances relayed with some glee the moment my friend disrupted / rescued the moment asking, "anyone got any words?"  I sent a picture of me and Frances to my friend.  Crazy small world.  Thank you Southern Circuit.