Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day 10 for We Still Live Here

Day 10: Winder

After a good night's sleep at the Crenshaw Inn in Auburn, I drove through Atlanta to the little town of Winder, Georgia, for my afternoon screening there.  Winder struck me as a town that might have been on its way up before 2008, but is struggling now.  My host, Cultural Director Don Wildsmith (aptly named) is dedicated to revitalizing the town through a lively arts program.  He helped bring We Still Live Here and other Southern Circuit films to the beautiful Cultural Arts Center there.

Wonder of wonders, I found the Chatterrbox Cafe right there in Winder!   I always wondered where Garrison Keillor got that name for his Lake Woebegone tales, and now I know.

The audience was small but wildly enthusiastic and appreciative, and I was glad to have visited Winder and to have met Don and others who are so dedicated to bringing the arts to their community.

Looking at the pictures now, I can see how tired I was getting by this point in the journey.  I had driven through six states; Winder would be my sixth screening in nine days, with four more to go.   

After the screening,  I set out at 5pm on a three hour drive from Georgia through South and North Carolina to Asheville to meet my brother Roger for dinner.  I followed him home over the windy Appalachian mountain roads to stay at his home in Marshall, NC, with a night to rest up for my screening the next day 50 miles northwest  in Tennessee.