Saturday, October 22, 2011

Greg Jacobs and LTAB go to Manteo, NC

Day 3 of Louder Than a Bomb's Southern Circuit Tour - flew from Atlanta to Norfolk this afternoon, then drove down to Kitty Hawk, NC. Definitely not complaining about the beautiful weather and the spectacular beachfront, especially with fourteen months of Chicago winter just around the corner. Tonight was a preview screening of sorts, for students who won't be able to make the main screening tomorrow. While LTAB has been shown in countries as far-flung as Portugal, Jordan, and Zambia, it had never, until tonight, been screened in a Surf Shop, so this was a world premiere of sorts. I'm just glad that the lesson from Spinal Tap ("how many times to I have to tell you - it's Spinal Tap first, then puppet show") was taken to heart, and that we got top billing above the dollar tacos.

Looking forward to a day of sun, sand, and historical nerdiness tomorrow (the Wright Brothers memorial + Roanoke Island). And that's all before the screening...