Saturday, October 22, 2011

Greg Jacobs and LTAB goes to Gainesville, GA

Day 2 of Louder Than a Bomb's Southern Circuit Tour was in Gainesville, Georgia, a town of about 35,000 an hour northeast of Atlanta that is apparently known as "the poultry capital of the world".

The screening was held at Gainesville State College, in an academic building so new that it hadn't even been dedicated yet. Thanks to the work of the Arts Council of Gainesville, along with the school's media studies department, it was a nearly full house. After the movie, Gainesville State film studies prof Jeff Marker led a great conversation/Q&A, which touched on everything from the perils of having high schoolers as your subjects to the nature of truth in documentaries. I also got a behind-the-scenes tour of the school's fancy new media facilities, which only confirmed my sense that the average college sophomore can do my job better than I can.

Thanks to Gladys Wyant and everyone at The Arts Council, along with Jeff, David Smith, and all of their Gainesville film studies students, for a memorable evening! On to NC...