Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Southern Stories" - Montgomery

Before we share our latest adventures from Lousiana, here's a belated post on our wonderful visit to Montgomery, Alabama.

If you haven't been following along over on our Self-Reliant Film blog, we've posted two photo essays of pictures of the many landscapes, meals, and sites we've enjoyed along the route. Check out Photo Essay: The Souths: Part I here and Part II here.

Perhaps our experience can best be summed up this way:
Three Reasons to Visit Montgomery

Capri Theatre
1) The Capri Theatre
This local gem features truly independent film programming, curated by the devoted general manager, Martin McCaffery. The day after our screening, Martin was happy to boast that our event out-grossed any other film playing in Montgomery that night!

2) The Lattice Inn
This B&B sponsors the Southern Circuit Tour and, wow, you couldn't ask for a more charming place to stay or a more welcoming host. You can relax like we did after a tour of the town in the Lattice Inn's backyard oasis, complete with swimming pool and hot tub!

Civil Rights Memorial
3) Local Restaurants & Attractions
Our brief stay in Montgomery was colored by the tasty dishes we enjoyed at local restaurants near the Capri and a tour of downtown by our wonderful host. We also spent the better part of an afternoon touring the Civil Rights Museum and Memorial (pictured above), designed by Maya Lin.

More soon from Louisiana!