Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Southern Stories" - Louisiana

After a great stop in Montgomery, we headed to Baton Rouge where a local host guided us to a hopping local spot where we indulged in four pounds of boiled crawfish!

Manship Theatre
The next evening we headed to our visually striking screening venue, the Manship Theatre, for our film event, followed by a reception with folks from the screening.

In addition to enjoying local fare like this gigantic muffaletta (above), we were privileged to screen for enthusiastic and engaged audiences, especially those we met on our second Louisiana stop: Alexandria.

After being a little road weary, there's nothing better than a place that feels like home...and that's exactly what we had there in Alexandria, thanks to our gracious and generous hosts, David and Nicole Holcombe.

Not only did they put us up and feed us, they also shared art of their own, including a collection of short stories and dozens of beautiful pisanki (pictured above).

We hope to make it back to these parts in the near future! Now we're off to our final tour destination: Savannah!