Monday, February 07, 2011

ABEL RAISES CAIN on the road

Our visit to Hapeville turned out to be quite memorable indeed. Between Eileen the innkeeper's funny personality, her infectious laugh, and the delicious food she prepared for us, I could have easily parked myself at that B&B for a few more days. I found it incredible that despite its proximity to the city and the airport, Hapeville, GA seemed almost caught in another era.

I'm a romantic at heart. I love old billboards, soda fountains and the sound of distant trains approaching in the night. Hapeville has all of these things.

Before skipping town, we met with Teresa Hollingsworth, Senior Program Director at South Arts, to sample some local cuisine. She took us to Mary Mac's, the only remaining Southern tea room in the city.

Everyone from Lena Horne to James Brown and Tim Conway to Lester Maddox has eaten here (I was mesmerized by all of the wall photos). I've decided that my new diet will only consist of fried green tomatoes from this point on. I have been deprived, you Southerners are so lucky.

Superbowl Sunday means absolutely nothing to me, I'm sorry to say. My dad, on the other hand, is glued to the tube. It's really difficult to avoid football on this particular day, but I try my best. I took the opportunity to visit with dear old friends who live in the Atlanta area as well as pay a visit to the King Center, where I spent some quiet time alone. While my best friend is camera shy, her little funny hound came out to greet me.

Goodbye, Georgia. We'll be back.
Location:Hapeville, GA