Tuesday, February 08, 2011

ABEL RAISES CAIN in Greenville, NC

Flying from Atlanta to Greenville shaved a few years off my life. The turbulence was so severe, we dropped what felt like forty stories in a matter of seconds. Some people screamed. My dad was seated three rows behind me. I looked back at him and it seemed like he was actually enjoying the terrifying ride!

I'm kind of relieved that the remainder of the tour consists of mostly driving. Flying is for the birds!

I knew the day was going to present various challenges when a TSA agent painstakingly removed every single item from my carry-on luggage (including undergarments), one by one, with creepy blue rubber gloved hands. It was the box of 'Abel Raises Cain' DVDs that aroused suspicion. Apparently we're setting off alarms everywhere.

At last, we made it to Greenville, NC. On our way through the outskirts of town, we passed a string of abandoned cabooses covered in graffiti and a Hooters on the corner of Hooker Road (seriously). From our hotel room, we could see the Wal-Mart across the street. It looked strangely beautiful to me for some reason, I had to capture an image of it.

I decided to give Michael Crane a quick call to let him know that we had arrived safely (without a parachute) in Greenville. Last minute arrangements for my father and I to speak before a class of graduating ECU media students proved to be successful. We teased a clip from the film and spent a little over an hour discussing my dad's pranks and independent filmmaking.

The screening of ABEL RAISES CAIN at Speight Auditorium on ECU campus started with a few digital mishaps that ended up transforming into one of the most artistic presentations of our film I have ever seen...our movie played in stereovision! Truly unprecedented, the image was double projected onto one large screen!

It was a small lively crowd consisting mostly of students and some members of the community. Overall, the audience reaction to the film was great. I almost want to say that the stereovision enhanced the viewing experience!

After the screening and Q&A, my dad was interviewed by a reporter from the ECU campus paper and we had fun saying goodbye to everyone (a special thanks to Mike Dermody and his students, especially Morgan, Lauren and Megan for all of their help).

Once we were all packed up, I treated my dad to a root beer float at 'Sup Dogs, the local watering hole. Next stop, Augusta, GA. Let's hope we don't offend any more Georgians!
Location:Greenville, NC