Friday, November 05, 2010

Richard Reininger - Producer's Log - Day 1

It was an early morning after a long night, but I made it to the airport, and subsequently to Charleston four hours later. Really great little cozy town, certainly feels like home a bit. Nice to have a comfortable place to screen. Which is probably what you're curious about...a little screening of Artois the Goat. Just got back from the show, and am really stoked about the rest of the tour. Charleston was such a fantastic start. The crowd was better than I could have hoped, not knowing a soul in town. Standing room only in fact. Not quite, but close. A woman did stand at the back, too enraptured by goats on screen to find her seat. Following the screening we had a lively q&a with myself and the audience. A number of great questions. Fantastic to be in a room with people who love independent films. Thanks Charleston!

Be sure to show up to future screenings of Artois. I have little presents for everyone...they're shiny!

How am I doing? I've never blogged before. Do you have any questions or suggestions or should I just quit while I'm ahead?

Either way, I'll see you in Memphis!