Monday, November 08, 2010

Richard Reininger - Artois in Memphis

Finding the Buckman Performing Arts Center proved to be a little difficult (it's part of St. Mary's school, didn't know that) but once I arrived, I found a great audience waiting to see Artois the Goat. Once again, I was very pleased with both the size and energy of the crowd, most of whom stayed for an awesome q&a with myself. And the Buckman theater was fantastic. Such great venue. Great seats, great picture quality. And it was loud. Awesome.

Upon recommendations from Cindy and Cindy (thanks!), I am now full to capacity with pulled pork, dry rub ribs, and Gus' fried chicken. I suppose it's blasphemous to say where I'm from, but for me BBQ is pork. Beef is nice, but gimme the pig.

Enough about my eating habits. I'm on the road tomorrow, headed to Johnson City, TN. If you're in the area, come out and watch the silly goat movie. It'll be worth your while.