Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dear Lemon Lima * Gainesville, GA * day 3

When I was younger, I daydreamed about running away and living at the Holiday Inn - the indoor pool, the glorious arcade, the stuffed vending machine; obviously, my family could come and visit, but my parents would have to let me and my sisters enjoy the unlimited sugar cereal available at my vast breakfast buffet. Needless to say, I never lived out this childhood fantasy, but I continue to have butterflies in my stomach whenever I am about to stay at a Holiday Inn.

After the scenic, hour and a half drive Madison, GA to Gainesville, GA, my love of Holiday Inn was affirmed when I stepped inside, exhausted and hungry. The bubbly attendant offered a peanut butter cookie and I traded her a Dear Lemon Lima cupcake postcard. Her eyes lit up and she yelped "Kawaii!!"* I knew I was going to love the audience and people of Gainesville from that point on, because, even though we weren't in the heart of LA or hustle and bustle of NY, she was aware of the Japanese cultural term that is a key influence in all things Lemon Lima.

The Gainesville audience embodied the sweet spirit of Dear Lemon Lima. When I entered the Smithgall Arts Center, I was greeted by Gladys, the charming head of the Gainesville Art Council and Professor Jeff Marker and Professor David Smith or Gainesville State College. If I had to choose team captains for the Snowstorm Survivor Competition, I would elect each of them in a heartbeat and I would be honored to have all of the students from Gainesville State College on my team. After a delightful BBQ and packed screening (which I slipped out of to finish The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest,) the q&a was super fun and the students were thoughtful and gracious with their questions.

*Kawaii (可愛い) is a Japanese term which means cute or (literally) adorable.