Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dear Lemon Lima * Madison, GA

As I drove down the dim street and screeched through an illegal u-turn, I thought about the bottle of wine haphazardly placed near the dashboard. Headlines flashed through my mind - "Family film director boozes day before high school presentation" or "Dear Lemon Lima smells of alcohol. Not cupcakes." Then it dawned on me that there wasn't a drop of alcohol in my system, and that my subliminal buzz was the aftertaste of an amazing Q&A and reception with the kind-hearted and delightful audience at my first Dear Lemon Lima Southern Circuit screening in Madison, Georgia.

The Madison-Morgan Cultural Center is a school building from 1895 that now hosts cultural events, exhibitions and performances. After learning that Madison has the second largest historic district in Georgia, I snuck out of the screening to enjoy the antebellum architecture during sunset - a breathtaking visual relief that I craved after seeing the pixelated DVD projection of normally vivid and crisp Dear Lemon Lima. The projectionist was super patient and kind, addressing my concerns as he navigated through the projector menu to balance color and saturation. Although I'm not sure we accomplished much, it meant the world to me when he took the time to humor my neurotic tweaking and he also assured me that story trumps aesthetic. The poignant and comforting statement was validated by the heartfelt Q&A and reception, so a million "thank yous!!" to everyone who came to the screening & reception, and a sweeping "thank you!!" to the amazing staff and volunteers at the Madison-Morgan Cultural Center who truly made it an unforgettable evening and experience.

iloveyou. iloveyou. iloveyou.