Monday, November 16, 2009

Rhino Wrapup

All good things must end. The final gig at Blake Library in Stuart FL was a good one to go out on. Big crowd of 100 or so. Lots of vibrant retirees (this is FL), but other ages too. Middle of a sunny, warm Sunday afternoon, so I availed myself of the internet in the library garden while the film was playing, and jumped in the ocean afterwards. Surf was waaaay up. Water warm. A parallel existence that will seem weird as I fly back to Chicago, where it could snow any day. Thanks for the time-out, Southern Circuit. It's not just the warmer climes, but the novel venues, the engaged crowds, the interaction, and the time for reflection while driving to the next show, that make this my favorite thing to do with a new film. This is my third circuit, and I enjoy it more each time. Hope to be back.
over and out,
David E. Simpson