Thursday, November 05, 2009

Hello Southern Circuit!

It feels superb to be back on the tour. Been twice before with other films, but never on this route, so I'm looking forward to new cities and new venues.

Started out in Baton Rouge last night. The Manship Theater, in a new arts complex downtown, is a gem of a room - I'd love to hear music there. The audience was small but enthusiastic; every one of them stayed for the Q/A. Normally, I like to stay for the screening because I like to feel the vibe in the room. But being a baseball fan, I snuck away to a bar down the street, Boudreaux & Thibodeaux, to watch the 6th game of the world series. I figured one beer wouldn't hurt. But it happened that the bartender was a baseball fan (in a football town), so faster than you can say Hideki Matsui, he'd placed a second pint in front of me. Not sure how cohesive I was at the Q/A, if people were staring at me with incomprehension, I didn't notice. And most stuck around afterwards to talk more. Plus the Yankees won (not sure how I found myself rooting for the Evil Empire this year, but not much to love about the Phils). All in all a solid beginning to the tour.

Well, this will be a short first post, because there's Louisiana sunshine and warmth outside this hotel window. When you're coming from Chicago in November, that's not to be missed!