Monday, April 06, 2009

Random pix from the Random Lunacy experience

Charlie Smoke, our great host in Mobile, who introduced us to the brilliant Eugene Walter. (His gravesite below, right, with his eloquent epitaph.)

Charles Scavullo runs the Imperial...

...and is also a Rory Gallagher fan!

Hank Williams' grave

Stef w/ "Godfather of Soul"

In Mobile, gracious and historic lodging...........>

Who says barbecue is bad for you?

Montgomery, Alabama

4-H Clubbers enjoy the screening in Montgomery!

A rainy night in Georgia...

This image now appears often in our dreams...
in an endless loop.

Self -Portrait in men's room. Lousiville KY.

The memories will be enduring. We loved every minute of this tour. Thank you to Allen Bell and all our wonderful hosts.

Finally, our video finale.

Do Brad and Angelina travel this way?