Wednesday, March 04, 2009


It's five days prior to departure for the Southern Tour, and the run-up has been hectic. Podcasts! Live radio chat! Buying new techie toys to ensure that we can capture the adventure, from a new laptop, to a digital still camera, and the piece de resistance, the $150 flip camera to record video! We are particularly looking forward to capturing audience reactions post-screenings on that baby.

It initially struck us as ironic that we have garnered these goodies when one of the themes that RANDOM LUNACY touches on is the question of possessions. What are our needs vs. our wants? Our primary subject, Poppa Neutrino, chose to give up pretty much all that is material to live the life that suited him best; an ability to wake up every day and invent his life as he goes along. We can't all live like Poppa Neutrino -- but it begs the question. What has real meaning, real value, in this short time we're given on earth?

But while the acquisition of these new possessions at first seemed a bit at odds with the Neutrino philosophy, once we thought things through, we realized that these are tools of creation, much as Poppa's ever present video camera was as he recorded his adventures, footage we were lucky to have to cobble together our film. Now, in the coming weeks, we look forward to cobbling together our own adventure, Neutrino style.

Vic and Stef