Sunday, November 11, 2007

Life on road and oysters...

Ah-ha! As you might have figured out, blogging from the road isn't so easy when you're hanging out with fab folk like your hosts or random audience members. That bodes well for me and the folks along the Southern Circuit, but not so well for you in the internet ether. I assume you understand, but with a cool, enthusiastic screening In Beaufort, a bucket of local oysters, and some kayaking in the salt marsh, all is good except that I missed a trip with my next host in Orangeburg, Ellen, and her students going to Penn Center. It sounds like a phenomenal place, so that's on my to do list next time I hit the South Carolina coast.

Also of note, I think a few folks from my screening in Beaufort might actually make a road trip out to the Salton Sea and one person called me to inquire about land, so to say there are surprises to be had speaks the truth.



Note: These local oysters come in bunches, so while tasty, they'd be what you might categorize as a fun, dirty food. Great for me, as I already spill a bunch on myself already, so this is the food built for me.