Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Which statement uses faulty logic?

1. Last night in Jackson, MS, a bartender shook my hand when I arrived at the bar. I’ve never had that happen before.

2. I like Johnny Cash .

3. I picked up a hitchhiker today. Randy. I got him in Birmingham and brought him to Atlanta. He was going to work with a relative in construction.

4. Randy had good teeth and a guitar. Someone once told me that I should only pick up hitchhikers with good teeth. I'm not sure why, but I admit I've never picked up someone with bad teeth.

5. During my almost 10 hour drive today, I drove through 6 or 7 bands of rain that were all torrential. Each band lasted less than ten minutes, then was followed by blue skys.

6. I used 120 minutes of my 350 minute cell phone rate plan today.

7. The cell phone is a bad medium for philosophy.

8. I think the cabin is fantastic. Spacious with a hot tub in back, drinks in the fridge, impeccably decorated: Asheville cozy cabins

9. This is the first time I’ve been in a log cabin.

10. After arriving, I went to a biker bar near my cabin.

11. I had a short conversation with someone I couldn’t see on the other side of a bamboo shade on the back porch of my cabin.

12. The caretaker of the cabin told me not to smoke in the cabin six times in the less than ten minutes she was showing me around.

That’s it. At this point, the tour has taken on a blurry quality. Enigmatic moments are happening almost constantly.. It’s a strange mix of observances, feelings, and serendipity, leading me to believe that I can’t really capture the experience in this format (at least in the time I have to spend on it). Maybe tomorrow will bring some focus. My sister arrives, and I’ll try to find a wireless place to post this. Asheville tomorrow.