Friday, April 20, 2007

Off The Dome and In Your Face

Just wanted to clarify something that i was confused on. I thought that when the governor moved the confederate flag off the top of the Capitol building onto the front, that no one was happy but apparently the right wing is thrilled and laughing all the way to the lawn rally. The quote above is from a bumper sticker. So after the screening we went out and I was told the story of Ernest E. Slave, a black man who dressed as Santa Clause (in a black outfit if I understood the story correctly) and propped a ladder next to the confederate flag pole and lit the flag on fire. Apparently the police or the Capitol security were streaming pepper spray at him while he was doing it. The guy who told me the story was stuck in a traffic jam on Gervais st and saw it. Amazing. Columbia seems pretty open-minded and cool; it's sad that they are forced to hoist this confederate flag by the rest of the state. They should put it up at bob jones university.

I saw this place called Maurice's bar-b-que called also Piggy Park or something. They had this great parking lot with those v-shaped 50's car-park kind of roofs with a Dodgers-stadium style design. Damn charming. We didn't go bc everyone was telling us he's like some kind of crazed pro-slavery in retrospect keep the flag dude. I'll be happy when they get rid of that damn flag so i can enjoy some barbeque.

Sold a few albums again, which is great. Lots of good questions at the q and a and then many thanks for coming with the film afterwards. We heart Columbia. Lots of good folks there. Going to the high school screening in bluffton. Cat and I drove to Bluffton in the rain from 11-2am last night. It wasn't very pleasant but i figured it would be better to get in and sleep in late rather than making today a hell day of driving and screening. More later....