Friday, April 20, 2007


Had a fireworks event this afternoon at the high school in Bluffton. Just as everybody is leaving somebody set off firecrackers which i thought were firecrackers until everybody starts stampeding towards us and then we jumped into a hallway. I'm thinking are you kidding, is this a school shooting. Then the kids are laughing and it was done. The screening was fine, but interrupted by announcements and a moment of silence for the Virginia Tech massacre. Most kids did not really connect with the film but there were a few that came up and talked to me afterwards about it. I think those kids are the ones i would have liked to have spend time with a bit. I was tired too. Not too excited to get kids interested in why the hell i made this movie.

Staying at Sun City Hilton Head, a kind of gated community for active elders. Lots of single older women here who drive their golf carts with Mets flags on them. Actually only one woman had a Mets flag. By the way the Cardinals beat the Cubs 2-1 today. Apparently they've only won if they hold their opponents under 2 runs. Not good. Drove to Beaufort and sat on the swing benches on the river. Then slowly realized that the gnats were not only flying around us but biting us. The Lowcountry. Swampy. Marshy. Beaufort has this kind of old money South vibe but with a quaint-y tourist-y thing. Ate monkfish on the back deck of a converted bank. Never had monkfish. It tasted fine though i don't think i'd get it again. Carol was great. Met this guy Will and some other people who were really great. Lots of good personalities. I get how people live here. You put on your blinders and hang with the folks you like. Lots of characters. After the screening, a long and involved q and a with people who seemed really excited about my movie. Looking forward to the day off tomorrow. Met David from the Southern Arts Federation who i've only communicated with about crises. I told him that all i've been blogging about it virginia tech and political stuff. He said that's what it's for. More tomorrow on MY DAY OFF. Oysters maybe. The beach. Yeah!