Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mockumentary Filmmaker Jim Finn Tours April 15 - 23

Jim Finn’s mockumentary Interkosmos, follows an East German secret space mission to colonize the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. This cosmonaut romance told through photographs, test and training footage, and a series of infectious specially recorded German pop songs weaves together the styles of a 70’s documentary, Hollywood musical and dry-humor comedy. Finn admits, “The story is a little ridiculous. I mean, the inmates are really running the asylum in this film.” He adds, “I wanted a communist love story; I wanted guinea pigs and a space capsule; and I wanted the radical artistic energy of the 1920s and the 60s. This is what came of it.”

Finn calls himself both an artist and a director; “I have been making small movies with miniatures, found footage, my animals, and myself as a performer for a few years. I have also established myself as a video artist.” Indeed, his award-winning films have become festival-favorites and timeless cult-finds at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, New York Underground Film Festival, and Museo Tamaya de Arte Contemporaneo in Mexico City.

Jim Finn tours the South with Interkosmos from April 15 - 23. Click here for dates and locations.

Download and listen to our interview with Jim Finn (19.9 MB) - MP3 format - 21m:14s (also available from iTunes)

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