Sunday, April 15, 2007

cancellation in alabama

Sadly my first day of the tour at the Capri Theater in Montgomery, Al was cancelled because there was a snowstorm in Albany which made my flight out an hour late so i missed my connection and spent 5 hours in the Charlotte airport surrounded by people angry at USAir. Part of it was the weather but the concourse where USAir is in Charlotte is under construction so the doors to the outside were open and planes were lined up in parking spaces. It was like an airport in Yugoslavia with everyone trying to get out fast and harried and upset employees. At one point the woman at the counter said that she just had to get a few more names for the "Tri-City" (wherever that is) and Milwaukee flights and then they'd let Cleveland board. The Cleveland people were sitting by me and this woman yelled out Fuck you to the speaker and then a man (another Clevelander?) tried to bum rush past the counter to close the doors which were blowing in stormy cold air. That caused a crisis as well and then the woman at the counter did close the doors but then they were opened again a few minutes later and it didn't seem worth it to close them again. I had to talk to USAir for 90 minutes to get my flight re-routed to Jackson since i'd be getting into Montgomery only to rent a car, sleep and drive 5 hours to Jackson the next day. I waited in the customer service line while this was going on and only moved halfway in all that time from the end of the line to the counter. Luckily the phone guy figured it out after 90 minutes, saving me another 90 in line. A burger at the FOX SPORTS CAFE surrounded by Joe Scarborough types talking about golf and football and then off to Jackson. A surly but charming cabby with Mardi-Gras beads and a stuffed animal dolpin hanging from his rear-view mirror while a sort of soft-jazz techno fusion was playing. Spending the night tonight at the Cabot Lodge Bed and Breakfast near Milsaps College. More tomorrow.