Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Southern Circuit tour day two - Karl Staven

Southern Circuit tour day two. Jackson, Mississippi was reached after a five hour drive in a rental car formerly used by a chain smoker. The landscape was relatively flat with a lot of standing water at times on the side of the road and Spanish moss hanging from the random tree. It was as if a swamp wished to break out around me but couldn’t because of too much southern sun.

At the hotel I step out of the shower around 5:10pm, knowing that I need to be ready for a 5:30 meeting with Holly Sypniewski. She is Millsaps College Southern Circuit rep, but not for long. When one has an academic sabbatical coming up one can legitimately jettison all academic responsibilities (and be paid for doing so, as I myself have done). So, emerging dripping from the shower I hear the phone ringing. Strange room, unused phone, no glasses on, but I manage to locate the noise and say hi.

Michelle is downstairs ready to take me over to test the dvd playback.

Michelle? But I thought I was meeting Holly?

She’ll meet us there.

No problem. Be down in five minutes.

Putting on fresh clothes, I empty one of my luggage bags, toss in the dvds I’ll need to use for the show, and throw in a bunch of extra dvds for sale in case anyone actually wants to purchase one (they are for sale for $20 at the venue as opposed to $25 online – postage included). Fully clothed with bag on back I head down to meet Michelle to head over to tonight’s venue.

4 hours later after a tasty crawfish dinner with fried pickles and the presentation itself.

Well that wasn’t too bad, double the amount of folks from the last screening. At this rate I’ll fill a stadium at the last Southern Circuit venue. No dvd glitches this time. (In Montgomery I had films freezing at a certain point and films skipping occasionally. Not the fault of the venue but rather the danger of dv and dvd consumer generated media). Dropped a film from the screening that I showed yesterday (cell 724) to make playback easier. Will drop the Piano Dog deleted scenes section at the next venue because of Michelle’s comment (thanks much, and I hope I spelled your name right). Now I can look forward to a 6am plane departure tomorrow morning to Virginia. One of these blogs I’ll actually talk about the screening itself.


Karl Staven 2/5/07