Monday, February 05, 2007

Southern Circuit Pt 11 begins

Super bowl Sunday is probably not the best time to kickoff the latest leg of the Southern Circuit Tour (although I recall something through the fog of the morning news about the kickoff doing well for somebody in Miami). Nonetheless, the hearty fourteen who showed up exceeded my attendance expectations for the night.

As usual, it seems, for the tour this year, Karl Staven's flight was late, but only by an hour, so we were able to do a soundcheck and get him a bite to eat before the show. An unfortunate effect of doing the Southern Circuit on Sundays is the filmmakers arriving too late in the day for me to give them a tour of Montgomery and also give them some time to relax after what is inevitably a long flight from wherever they are to here. There are no good flights to Montgomery.

We got the show started and didn't have any major glitches. Karl did about an hour and a half of animated shorts from his twenty years, covering a variety of styles. As the whole audience stayed, even the ones who thought the were coming to Shut Up & Sing, we considered the night successful. Karl sold at least one DVD, and everyone was very enthusiastic about the presentation.

One of the regulars sent me an email this morning:
Please tell cartoon guy I admire his work a lot and I think it's good."

High praise indeed.