Wednesday, December 02, 2015

November Update: IMBA Means Sing!

Welcome back everyone! We at South Arts hope that you had a joyous Thanksgiving holiday! Today we have another blog post from one of our filmmakers, Erin Bernhardt, as she completed her Southern Circuit with her film, IMBA Means Sing. We hope that you enjoy her blog post! 

IMBA Means Sing Blog Post #2 - by Erin Bernhardt

Hey again y’all! I had the best time on the Southern Circuit tour. If it weren’t for my husband at home, I would never want this incredible experience to end.

After traveling across the South showing IMBA MEANS SING to so many incredible communities, I have some recommendations of things to check out:

1. You should visit every place we screened! Each town, community and college was wonderful. They all have such charming places to eat, people to meet, and treasures to see and experience.

Here are the list of cities that we visited while on tour: 

 Monroe, North Carolina
Bonita Springs,  Florida
Memphis, Tennessee
Barbourville, Kentucky
Hapeville, Georgia
Troy, Alabama
Hanceville, Alabama
Sheffield, AL

2. Rural roads are so beautiful and relaxing that you need to drink tons of coffee to stay awake. Luckily, there were fantastic local coffee shops in places I visited. My favorite was River Town Coffee in Florence, Alabama.

3. Being born and raised in Atlanta and a sixth generation Georgian, I was so surprised that I have never been to this gem of a city: Hapeville. It happens to be home to three of my, and Imba’s, favorite things: Delta Airlines, Chick-fil-a and one of our Associate Producer’s dads – Jeff Foxworthy! Next time your flying through Atlanta, you should leave the airport on your layover and have a meal at Volare Bistro in their historic downtown.

4. If you are a filmmaker, you need to apply for the Southern Circuit! The audiences and hosts were incredible. The Q&As were packed with riveting discussions. You’ll have the best time!

Thank you so much Teresa, Patti, all of our incredible Imba hosts, and the whole South Arts team! 

I would love for all of you to share our film -- it comes out on demand and digitally on Friday, December 4! You can find the links to download at, and makes for a perfect holiday gift for anyone!