Tuesday, September 15, 2015

'She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry' and Mary Dore hit the Southern Circuit !

As a Northeasterner through many generations, it’s been such a pleasure to meet and talk to people as part of the Southern Circuit. While I’ve filmed in the South before, on shoot schedules one barely sees anything besides the event/person you’re covering. Not so on the Southern Circuit! In just my first few days, I’ve visited wonderful towns big and small, met lovely people and had great conversations around the film showings.  Driving has its pleasures, and I’ve been awed by the beauty of the landscape.  Also appreciate the kindness of total strangers (already quite a few) who’ve helped me out when I miss the exit or get lost!

On Friday, drove from Atlanta to Auburn University in Alabama, and since my home town is Auburn, Maine that felt like kismet. We had a terrific audience at the showing at the Julie Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art; despite a major thunderstorm the room was packed. Afterwards we had a long Q&A, and then hung out at the lovely café at the museum. They serve the best crab cakes, I was in heaven at the first bite! And it was lovely to finally meet and chat with Debbie Frojo, who managed the event for the Museum.

The next morning I spoke to a media class led by Ric Smith at Auburn University, on the issues of funding and how to distribute films. Lots of questions on how to make money (shocker, not the easiest or most likely result with indie films) and the ups and downs of filmmaking with a great group of smart students.  

I had some time off before the next screening, so had a chance to hang out in Athens, Georgia before my screening in Winder. The highlight for me, besides some great meals, was visiting the Georgia Museum of Art, on the University of Georgia campus. There was a spectacular show on graphic artists from Mexico, 'El Taller de Grafica Popular,' and other excellent exhibits. Many thanks to Chris Childs from the Wilder Cultural Arts Center for his recommendations in Athens. 
On Sunday I met Chris in at the Wilder Cultural Arts Center, where I learned that he is a one-man team running the local TV station and the Southern Circuit screenings, as well. We showed She’s Beautiful at their in-house theater, and Chris did a very thoughtful interview with me afterwards.There’s a loyal audience for the Southern Circuit Tour in Wilder, and it was a pleasure to talk to them after the screening. 

The next day I did an epic drive to Johnson City, Tennessee. To be continued!!

All best,  Mary  Dore