Monday, March 30, 2015

Danielle Beverly from Old South visits Creative City Collective

From Filmmaker Danielle Beverly from Old South

Pompano Beach FL was the 3rd stop on the Southern Circuit with my documentary Old South. The film was scheduled at The Creative City Collective's BaCA Arts space, a cool and inviting gallery space.

Audience members were greeted at the door by the preteen daughter of host Caroline Breder-Watts, who offered cookies, snacks, and information about upcoming events at a welcome table.  It's never too early to get young people interested in the arts, and she was enlisted to be the ambassador. Caroline's whole family were there to welcome me, and the attendees.

Caroline is Executive Director of the Arts Radio Network and is also Pledge Producer/Radio Host at local public radio station WLRN. All day I'd been listening to NPR and they were in the midst of a committed pledge drive. I was thus so grateful for all she did to organize the screening, as it was crunch time for her!

The gallery was turned into a small viewing space, with chairs and a large flat screen television. A diverse crowd of about 15 all stayed to have what was such a thoughtful and engaged conversation that we forgot to take pictures!  Many people there were returning audience members who'd been to see The New Black the previous month at BaCA Arts.  They were now Southern Circuit devotees, and came to my screening to check out what was next on the tour. :-)

One older man offered his experience about how benevolence can be both useful and transforming, but also potentially reinforcing of power dynamics - a tricky balance, and one to be mindful of.  This is exactly the type of meaningful shares that come from the Southern Circuit post-screening discussions.  Insight and context comes directly from the audience - and TO the others in the audience. Sometimes I barely need to speak!  The conversation is happening among those in the room.