Monday, January 12, 2015

Calling all Filmmakers

Calling all Filmmakers! The Southern Circuit Tour of Independent Filmmakers is accepting submissions for the 2015-16 season! Screen your film, tour the South, get paid...join the Circuit!

Southern Circuit brings the best of independent film to communities across the South. Audiences have seen over 200 films and have engaged filmmakers in post-screening discussions in more than 50 communities across the Southern United States. The tour takes the audience away from their televisions and computers to connect them with independent filmmakers. Southern Circuit transforms watching independent films from a solitary experience into a communal one.

South Arts invites filmmakers from anywhere in the United States to submit their work for consideration in the 2015-16 Southern Circuit Tour of Independent Filmmakers.To learn more about the circuit and film/filmmaker eligibility requirements, visit the South Arts Southern Circuit Page.