Monday, October 20, 2014

Shelli Ainsworth, Stay Then Go - Shreveport, LA

Filmmaker Shelli Ainsworth, touring her film Stay Then Go, checks in with us from her first stop on Southern Circuit:

I'm sitting here on the tarmac in Shreveport, in a little plane in the singular row of A. It's a bright, warm, blue, sunshine-y morning, easy to bask in. Easy to bask in as well, is our experience last night at the Stay Then Go screening at the Robinson Film Center. Thanks to the audience and the staff at the film center for thoroughly warm welcome. Geoff and I met many people from the community there and - so very memorably - people from the Shreveport autism community as well. Mothers, teachers, therapists, young people, old people - all fighting the good fight. What a powerful experience.

Meghan Hochstetler put together a great panel after the screening. I was so grateful to hear from the panelists and the dialogue that the film generated about advocacy, inclusion, and insights from a young man with autism named Trent, who Geoff and I will remember always.