Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Vivienne Roumani - Winder and Augusta

Here's the latest update from Vivienne Roumani, currently touring her film Out of Print:

Great to see musicians and composers Jerry and Marlene Tachoir, parents of Erica Tachoir, a major contributor to Out of Print. Talent runs in families. Gallatin, TN.

I am bringing my film, my story to places in the South where I have never been, and I am receiving stories from the fascinating people here, about themselves and their cities and architecture.

Long story short: Screening at the Winder Cultural Arts Center, Winder, Georgia.

Don Wildsmith, my host in Winder, is a founding member of the Winder-Barrow Community Theatre and has been very active in all things theatrical, from education to technology, design, acting, directing, dancing –world-wide. This in addition to serving 30 years with the United States Navy.

Chris Childs, moderating the Q&A, is the editor/producer of Winder TV. Chris is a filmmaker and a former New Yorker.

I took Don’s advice and stayed close to the Atlanta airport to avoid morning rush hour in Atlanta.  I was on an early flight to Augusta, Georgia, where, after landing, I asked how much time to allow to get to the airport in the morning.  I was told there was no rush hour.  When was the last time you heard that?

Augusta was a revelation. Take a peek at the glorious Lookaway Inn, and see if you can spot Scarlett. The river walk is unforgettable, especially at this time of year. The city has galleries, the Morris Museum of Art, where the screening was held, and historic homes --and a great bookstore, which was right to the point of Out of Print.

Book Tavern owner David Hutchison is not posing. I interrupted his work and asked for a smile when I stumbled into this little gem. He came to the screening and brilliantly contributed to the discussion.

The glorious Lookaway Inn, Scarlett?
The River Walk
Morris Museum of Art. The audience at the screening at the Morris Museum was an engaged, lively group – a pleasure for Q&As. 
Around the River Walk I found this. Did you guess it? The Marriott Hotel, Augusta, GA.
Next time, I’ll bring my husband instead of just his beautiful anniversary flowers that were waiting for me at the Lookaway Inn.