Tuesday, April 16, 2013

STRONG! sets out on the Southern Circuit

Today STRONG! -the story of Cheryl Haworth - Olympic weightlifting champion begins its journey that will take me (filmmaker Julie Wyman) through parts of Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, and Mississippi. Cheryl is from Savannah, Georgia, so I am honored to bring this film back to her part of the country.

Tonight we start it off at the Morris Museum of Art in Augusta. Below is the full schedule, plus my first arrival point. Gulp! Talk about Southern Hospitality: this is the Lookaway Inn in North Augusta, South Carolina - my first arrival point on this tour. It's an incredible building from the late 19th century. Looking forward to gathering more images and stories of the south in the next 10 days.

Thanks so much Morris Museum, South Arts, and Sammy and Jay at the Lookaway!

4/16: Morris Museum of Art, Augusta, Georgia (6 pm)
4/17: Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina (7:30 pm)
4/18: The Arts Council, Gainsville, Georgia (7 pm)
4/20: Hapeville Association of Trade and Tourism, Hapeville, GA (6 pm)
4/22: Presbyterian College, Clinton, South Carolina (7 pm)
4/23: Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Arts, Auburn, Alabama (6 pm)
4/25: East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carlina (6:30 pm)
4/26: University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast, Long Beach, MS (6:30 pm)