Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Journey of Production

Dramatic Road Shot

Gladys Wyant (The Arts Council), David Smith (Film Professor), 
Ashley Sabin (Director), and organizers of the screening

On Thursday The Arts Council of Gainesville, GA organized a screening of Girl Model at the University of North Georgia.  We introduced Girl Model on Valentine’s Day with the following caveat: “If you’re here tonight to see a romantic comedy, then you might want to leave now and go rent one.”

After the screening, David Smith, a professor from the Film Department at University of North Georgia moderated, a great Q&A that lasted about 45 minutes.  It’s always interesting to hear what an audience takes away from our films. This screening was no different.  One man asked, “So, when you make a documentary, you don’t know what the ending will be?” This question provoked a conversation about our process of filming events as they happen in real time with lived experiences. 

We begin our stories with a basic concept, whether it’s Mardi Gras beads, post-Katrina New Orleans, or models, and then follow an event, situation, or person outwards as it unfolds (see, for our other films).  This mystery of the unknown is what draws us into the story.  We attempt to include this journey during the editing of the story, unfolding in similar ways that we – and our characters – experienced it.

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