Monday, November 12, 2012

Luke and Cory take Smokin' Fish around the South- Part 1

Deep thoughts while eating BBQ
11/11/12, day seven of the southern circuit. Allison and Teresa of South Arts have been politely inquiring when I might right a blog post. My mom, in um, more direct terms, has been demanding an update.

Over BBQ at the Fox Brothers here in Atlanta, Cory and I pretty quickly reached a consensus that we should do this again, although with more eating and less driving. Maybe we could take Amtrak instead of the rental car. Then we could eat on the train too. Amtrak is so civilized (and apparently not as chronically late as I remember it being in the west.)

Our first stop was Augusta Georgia. Our hotel was pretty classy.

We appreciated some art at the Morris Museaum.

And, despite it being election night, quite a few people turned out for the screening and Q and A.

Some folks seemed really, genuinely, touched by the film. And they wanted some fish.

Cory managed to sell some scarves our of the trunk of his car.

In the morning we drove to Clemson SC for a screening at Clemson University. We stopped for some fried chicken for breakfast.

Savage vs. Fried Chicken.

I think Savage is winning,

In Clemson we had a group of smart curious students which sadly we didn't take any photos of. A few were aspiring filmmakers. Our next stop, Gainesville, GA Saw a large turnout of mixed students and community members.

On our day off we visited Ganesha Howell, Stunt Driver and Production Assistant on Smokin' Fish at his new home in Asheville NC.

And we visited the Cherokee Indian Reservation.

We were speculating that a traveling Tlingit must have carved these totem poles.

We also wondered if he was just far from home or if psychedelics where involved. We also visited the Casino.

This is where Jabba the Hut hangs out.

The Bears where cool.

Cory really wishes he had thought of this business name.

And our last screening, yesterday in a renovated church in Hapeville Georgia. Another really good audience.

Tomorrow we drive to Clinton SC. I'll keep everybody updated.