Thursday, November 15, 2012

Drivers Wanted: 03 Tupelo Taxi

Tupelo Taxi
Greg Driscill, 49, The New Owner
"In the South we all like to look nice.  Cowboy boots, blue jeans, button up shirts.  Thats dressed up around here.  When people get in my car I try to put on Elvis.  The passengers get into it.  Elvis fans always call, speaking all kinds of languages."  Almost like celebrating Jesus, "they pick up coming here on his birthday in January and then again on his death in August. I just bought this company from a Japanese women 2 months ago, but I have been after it for 2 years.  I just wanted to do something different."

Tupelo Taxi

Greg's favorite song is Elvis's Blue Suede Shoes.  "Its a song you can always drive too."

Tupelo is the kind of town I could get used to, people are friendly, there are beautiful turn of the century tree lined homes, and people care about the arts.  My favorite expression about Tupelo was from Pat at the Tupelo Film Commission.  "We are about the boy, not the glitz."  That sums her up.

Heading back to NYC tomorrow but sure going to miss the South.

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