Friday, October 19, 2012

South Arts Stalwarts

Free day.  Take nap.  Catch up on blog.  Southern Circuit is a really good thing.  When folks in the independent film community ask what to do with all these films being produced that have trouble getting out there, look no further than the Southern Circuit.  There should be a circuit like this for every region of the country.  They have a great formula that just works.  That being said, keeping arts initiatives going is a struggle.  Pictured below, art at work near the Atlanta airport. A musician making a coffee shop surrounded by concrete come alive.

On the Clemson University/Gainesville Arts Council/Gainesville State College leg of the trip several conversations revolved around funding cuts for the arts.  To all those stalwarts keeping art alive, keep going.  You inspire folks like me to keep going.  Thank you Teresa and all the folks at South Arts. Thank you Gladys, for working tirelessly to set up arts events three evenings in a row.  Thank you Allison, for driving one hour to pick me up in Gainesville.  Thank you Amy, for struggling to find funding for Liberal Arts initiatives.  A few art stalwarts below.

On the bright side, Gainesville State College has developed a great film program under the leadership of Dr. Jeff Marker.  If you are interested studying film, I highly recommend their program.  If you are interested in Mexican food, though, check out Super Taco in Clemson.

It's always good to see "Otis" on the big screen and Anis on the stage.