Tuesday, September 25, 2012


So SBMP tour part two!  I (Lisa Robinson) have traded places with fellow co-director Annie Howell and yesterday and after a day of flights from NYC and some driving...  had my first screening in Clinton SC at Presbyterian College – home of the Blue Hose  (think Scottish warriors with blue knee-socks). Molly McGehee from the English Department organized my stay in such an easy going and perfect way – thank you Molly! I'm really jealous that her husband is an organic farmer...  Here's a photo of us before the screening. 

Great Q&A with smart questions that I tried to answer intelligently in my sleep deprived from an early flight state…  especially the one about the role of western landscape visuals in this movie and other movies. Much to ponder there... and regardless of its role, I have to admit I’m not “done” yet with western landscape – it’s irresistible.  Great screening and company aside… how come no one told me about the Waffle House before? Molly took me there on my way out of town this morning and I was in awe of the cook and his 6-10 waffle griddles attached to the wall. I left with a commemorative mug and a paper hat for my daughter. I guarantee that gift will beat out all others.

After Waffle House I drove a long drive to Auburn Alabama and saw at least a dozen or so more Waffle Houses along the way, realizing again that I had missed out on something huge,  and changed time zones- I’m still trying to figure out whether I lost or gained. Tonight screening at Auburn University…