Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Marching on the State Capitol

After a good night's sleep at the wonderful Lattice Inn, I headed to the State Capitol, arriving just as the first marchers were arriving.  The drizzling rain didn't seem to dampen the high spirits of the crowd.  Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson were up on stage to welcome them, and a gospel group rant out with an awe inspiring "I'm gonna let nobody turn me round..." as the crowd gathered.  How amazing to bear witness to this momentous day.

Later, Martin McCaffery, Director of the Capri Theater, also took me to see the Civil Rights Memorial, the Rosa Parks Museum, and Hank Williams' grave.  I was glad to see all of these, especially Maya Lin's awesome installation,  but my heart drew me back to the demonstration still going on downtown.  I returned there just in time to see Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, and many other leaders gather on the steps of the capitol and sing the iconic and still deeply meaningful, "We Shall Overcome".
- Anne Makepeace