Saturday, March 31, 2012

Gift for the Village: Wrap Up

OK, so I know our tour has been over for a week now, but it's taken me that long to process the journey and look at photos, not to mention finally getting the laundry done.
The last two shows in Gainesville, GA and Manteo, NC were also great.

I rolled into Gainesville after a LONG drive from Orangeburg, with a short detour to see my Aunt Norma in a tiny town near Greeneville, SC called Due West. I surprised her and we had a nice lunch in her retirement complex (given the choice of shrimp or chicken tenders, I went with the shrimp.)

I arrived in Gainesville in time to see the chicken statue: a monument to Gainesville's status as the poultry capital of the world. The screening was well attended and afterwards there was a Q and A with Dr. Jeff Marker, Ph.D., a film professor at Gainesville State College. Then I wandered downtown Gainesville and found a nice little restaurant where I was able to eat an amazing bowl of shrimp and grits and watch my beloved Indiana Hoosiers lose to Kentucky in the NCAA basketball tournament.

I caught an early flight from Atlanta to Norfolk, VA, and then drove the two hours to the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina, where I was glad to see my co-producer of A Gift for the Village Jenna Swann, who had driven in with her fiance, Chet, to experience the last night of our SouthArts Tour. I was super glad she was able to be there, and happy to let her handle the introduction and most of the Q and A after the film.

And now it's back to work on my next film, which I hope will one day be chosen to be a part of a future SouthArts tour. I would do this again in a heartbeat.