Thursday, March 08, 2012

Anne Makepeace enjoys her free days

Day 3

The sun came out on Sunday morning, my first day off on the tour.  Downtown Thomasville was quiet, except for the Savannah Moon cafe where I had breakfast.  Then I headed to the Florida coast.

I had made arrangements to drive to Apalachicola, an old fishing village on the Gulf Coast for two days and nights at the Gibson Inn where I am ensconced right now as I write.  I love the names of the towns down here in this northwestern part of Florida - Panacea, Sopchoppy, Apalachicola.

Apalachicola is a lovely old fishing town, with an intriguing combination of funky shacks, old southern plantation style houses, great restaurants, and a very active fishing and oystering industry.
Today I'm going to head out to St. George Island where I may get blown off the narrow strip of sand by the high winds I can see outside - palm tree waving wildly just outside my window.

Tomorrow, the wild and crazy schedule begins again - flying to Memphis in the morning for screening in Tupelo that night, then to Greenville for screening in Clemson, South Carolina; finally landing in Montgomery for my screening there on Thursday night.  From there I'll be driving all over Alabama, Georgia and North Carolina for three more screenings, until I fly to Savannah and then the final screening in Alexandria LA.  So I am going to thoroughly enjoy this day of total r+r!

-Anne Makepeace