Tuesday, February 07, 2012

NY Export screens in Winder, GA

South Arts' very own Teresa Hollingsworth had the opportunity to attend the screening on Sunday of NY Export: Opus Jazz at the Winder Cultural Arts Center. Along with glowing reports, she has also brought back with her many wonderful pictures from the Q&A and of fan appreciation. Here are a few of the highlights. To see more visit the South Arts Facebook page. Also, while you're there, "Like" South Arts and then you will always be in the know about the goings on with South Arts and all of our programs.

 Don Wildsmith conducts the Q&A with Ellen Bar after the screening
 Don Wildsmith of the Winder Cultural Arts Center; Ellen Bar, executive producer of NY Export: Opus Jazz; and Ellen's mother
 Ellen signs an autograph for a young fan and dance student who attended the screening