Sunday, February 05, 2012

Hi, I'm Georgia Archer and I am the Writer/Director of the documentary "Barbershop Punk."
I'm going to be blogging here about my tour with The Southern Circuit of Independent Cinema which will be bringing me to Madison GA, Gainesville GA, Hapeville GA, Orangeburg SC and Manteo NC over the next few weeks.  I'm very excited, a little bit nervous and, as always - a touch behind schedule in my preparations.  I'll also add, that while I blog, please join our page of friends on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.  We would love to have you along on Team Punk :)!  The issues at hand involve all of you from Left to Right, Grandparent to infant -- and it's important we get beyond ourselves and join hands together in this one. I'm also hopeful I'll meet some more filmmakers out there, love to hear what's going on. 

My filmmaking partner, co- Director, Kristin Armfield, and I have been friends since we were in High School.  This is a first feature film for both of us.  People often ask about the trouble of working with friends, to which we always respond - if you can make it through being teenage girls together , you can survive anything. Truth is our whole tiny crew are very much friends, and we wouldn't have gone a third of the way had that not been so.   It's been a journey of laughter and tears, and we are so proud where we have landed.

Here's our trailer:

Right now it's Superbowl Sunday and I am missing all the parties to pack and get ready for my trip.
At moments like this I worry about so many things - and I cant stop running the film over and over in my mind.  I think about a few interviews I wish I could have included, relive choices made in the editing room and more than anything else,  the question that always repeats in my head, "Should we have gone with a different title?"  But then, something always pulls me back and I  remember this is all part of independent filmmaking - making choices that aren't always in the mainstream - - and that can mean anything from packing myself into a tiny carry-on for a 2 week screening adventure, to finding themes within characters, to going with a title that just walks on the edge. It's all about taking a chances, and reaching for a little light.  And then I'm thrilled events such as this Southern Tour exist and that I'm going to get to meet and learn from so many of you. 

So I'm once again happy the film is called "Barbershop Punk." I really hope you will come, even if the title is confusing, I promise it won't be by the end of the night :) 

xo - G.