Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Our condolences to the Lucas Theatre

On November 18th the Lucas Theatre, one of our Southern Circuit partner venues, said goodbye to a new but never-the-less dear friend- their world's largest popcorn box. 

"We are deeply saddened to inform the community of Savannah about the passing of a dear friend. The Giant Popcorn Box was born on November 10 and was disassembled just 8 days later when he succumbed to a short battle with small-minded forces with a skewed view of historical references. He is survived by five grieving staff members, and countless visitors and tourists. In lieu of flowers, please send letters to City officials who can affect the ordinances that killed the Giant Popcorn Box."
- from Lucas Theatre Facebook page

Letter from concerned citizens of Savannah

So sorry to see the popcorn box go and we look forward to what the Lucas will come up with in the future. If you think the popcorn box should have stayed then go to the Lucas Theatre's Facebook page and let them know! Best of luck to our friends at the Lucas as they search for the next project to incite reprimand from city counsel people. After all, film is all about pushing boundaries.