Monday, November 14, 2011

Ahead of Time hits Gainesville, GA and Hapeville, GA

We went on to Gainesville, GA on Nov. 10th for our screening at the Smithgall Arts Council. The building was a beautifully restored historic train depot, actually once the "end of the line" for the trains transporting chickens from Gainesville throughout the U.S. 
Gainesville was known as the "Poultry Capital of the World"! 
Gladys Wyant is Executive Director and arranged a great screening.
Prof. Jeff Marker interviewed me after the film and his questions were insightful and thorough.

 The next day we had time to explore Atlanta and we went to the botanical gardens, on a bike tour of historic Atlanta, saw the Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial and exhibits, ate at Fox's Barbeque and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Hapeville, GA was our last screening and our hosts, Charlotte Rentz and Allie O'Brien were lovely. Our screening was sponsored by the Hapeville Historical Society and took place in historic Christ Church, a beautiful old church. The screening was well-attended and there was an animated Q&A after the film!

- Zeva Oelbaum