Sunday, October 09, 2011

Winder, GA - Geoff Marslett for "Mars"

Ok, so I learned several things about Georgia today:
1. No matter where you fly in the southeast, you likely connect through Atlanta
2. Basically everything...including but not limited to the original chick closed on Sunday.
3. The rental cars are extremely far away from terminal E.
4. There are really cool looking places to eat (likely unhealthy but delicious) food...but they are closed on Sunday...see #2 above.
5. The cultural arts center in winder, ga is cool. In particular they play the film audio in the hallways during the I can listen along to the film while I am in the hallway blogging right now. And it is cool to listen to Howe's soundtrack whilst walking through the place. Seriously...well done winder.
As far as the southeast in general I keep being pleasantly reminded it is packed with friends and family. Today I met up with a friend from Atlanta and tonight I will see some used to be texans in ashville!
Well, enjoy the photos...ill let you know how the q and a goes...
Ps. I get to wear a headset microphone for the q and a!